Spring Fashion 2016

1. Stripes Style 2. Lulu’s Break the Spell Dress 3. Shay Mitchell Style 4. Anthropologie Chambray Dress 5. FashionJackson Suede Skirt 6. American Eagle Boho Dress 

After having recently experienced the delightful combination of a snow storm, followed by days of freezing rain, I can absolutely say that I am very much done with winter. I know I really shouldn’t complain, especially since it’s been SUCH a mild one this year, but I just can’t deny the fact that my heart is ready for the snow to go away already!

Until the snow melts and the flowers start to blossom, I’ll just have to tide myself over with all the fantastic fashions that have been popping up for 2016. Among my favorites are bohemian prints, off-the-shoulder styles, and (faux) suede skirts.

1. Aritzia Scarf Style 2. American Eagle Fringe Bag 3. Ray Ban Sunglasses 4. ASOS Lace-up heels 5. ALDO Lillianne Suede Ankle Boots 6. Turquoise Jewelry Style 7. J Crew Indigo Print Scarf

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